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Written by: Staff Writer at TechTalent Squared

When you think of the biggest challenges businesses are facing today, technology sits at the core of them all. Our world now runs digitally – simplifying life for end-users but resetting what it means to conduct business as usual. Digital needs continue to grow daily and will only increase pressure on businesses as time goes on.

But, who will do this “digital work?” And where will we find the individuals who can connect data analytics and emerging technology to bottom-line business value?

Emma Dickerson, CEO of TechTalent Squared

Emma Dickerson, CEO of TechTalent Squared

These are the persistent questions, Emma Dickerson, CEO of TechTalent Squared, is answering every day for leading candidates and a portfolio of discerning clients. She’s a modern-day matchmaker for technology talent and companies going through exponential growth.

Dickerson’s business model is both simple and sophisticated. She’s honed in on a personal approach where she really gets to know each candidate and expertly understands what her clients need, thus creating a balanced, trusted and transparent view of each role and each applicant. She calls it the 5-star approach – a concierge for technology positions.

Dickerson’s mindset for recruiting adds the human factor back into the equation, and it’s really paid off. With each recruiter focusing on only 2-3 positions at one time, every client gets dedicated attention, their own white-glove service. Dickerson saw that the human factor and personal approach were often missing in recruitment, which is why her company is focused on keeping people, both clients and candidates, in equal proportion, at the center of her business.

Dickerson is passionate about changing how recruitment is done and her methodology has set her own business’s growth aflame. With her individualized approach and one-on-one coaching, she’s built strong, sustaining relationships, and in doing so, she’s single-handedly raising the bar for the service level of recruitment agencies everywhere.

It’s been a win-win for this entrepreneur who’s been building companies for over a decade now. TechTalent Squared is her third business and the one that’s captured her passion for technology while also helping match the right people to the right roles so that everyone benefits long term.

RecruitmentFocusing on the long game has also shown Dickerson the power of being a savvy analyst of her industry – because at the end of the day, in business, the numbers speak the loudest. TechTalent Squared is proud to provide a 90% successful placement rate. To put this number in context, on average most of her competitors only fill about 30%-40% of the open roles they take on.

Additionally, 100% of TechTalent Squared’s clients have come from referrals. No cold calls. No sales pitches needed here. Her clients and candidates are her best-extended team. With each successful interaction, TechTalent Squared solidifies its reputation with follow through and expert, personal attention, disrupting the world of technology placement through the human x-factor. This business model reminds us that a personal approach like TechTalent Squared’s, even in the fast-paced digital world, is an excellent catalyst for sustainable growth.

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