Testimonials / Recommendations

Nicole Young
HR Director

When Emma first reached out to me, I was reluctant initially to take the position with her client. However, I think it was the best thing I could have done during this phase of my career.

Emma and her team were so professional from the beginning and provided a sense that they truly cared, not only about the client, but me as well.

She has created an organization where it shows it’s not just about getting a position filled and or meeting a quota, but she takes time in getting to know the personnel she engages with.

Ryan Rinne
System Administrator III

Emma Dickerson at TechTalent Squared was fantastic to work with. As a recruiter, she maintained a highly professional demeanor and was always very friendly, and found me the Systems Administrator job instantly! Emma was quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognizing my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. She was always there to help throughout the process. I could not recommend Emma more highly. Thank you very much.

Jake Massey
Technology Executive

It is my pleasure to recommend Emma Dickerson and her organization to anyone who is looking for top tier talent. Over 2016 and 2017 I have utilized the services of her team in order to find and locate critical personnel. Everyone she has sent me I have picked up immediately and have not been disappointed by any of her candidates. Her team is fast, reliable and very responsive. She runs one of the best recruiting firms I have come across and highly recommend her and her extremely competent team.

Jomary Negron
Loan Processor at HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

Jessica is great! Extremely helpful. She recruited me for the job I have now and I couldn’t be happier! She helped me through the process and made it easier for me to get through the process.

Cherryl Kimm Brown
BI Consultant (MicroStrategy)

Would I work for this company again? Absolutely! It was a pleasure to work with such an efficient and personable group. You will never feel forgotten with this company. Emma’s attentiveness is demonstrated with one on one calls and timely service to you as well as to your employer. Working with her is the best!

Sam Agha
Senior Director of Commercial Enterprise Solutions Equifax

Emma is one of the best people to work with in the staffing industry. Emma’s ability to discern the key points to an issue in a business relationship and to establish trust for a successful long term relationship. Her success can easily be attributed to her knowledge and people skills that allow her to excel as a leader to follow in the most difficult of situations. I would not hesitate to engage or reach out to Emma for any staffing needs or solutions. I highly recommend Mrs. Emma Dickerson as she is a great asset to partner with. She is a very talented professional who brings a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and passion to everything she does.

Glenda Clark
IT Procurement Administrator

I met Emma Dickerson in 2016.  She connected me to a position that was a great match with my skill set.  Emma and her staff have always been very helpful and responsive.  There were never any issues.  Whenever I called Emma she was always available and spent time with me. TechTalent Squared is a top notch staffing agency and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Kendra Williams
Electronic Document Management Admin at HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

I am so pleased with the services that TechTalent provided me in my job search.  I worked with Emma who has such a pleasant and kind-hearted spirit.  She tells you like it is, sets your expectations,  and always delivers.  She was the best recruiter I have ever worked with.  The process went by at lightning speed.  TechTalent also gives back to their clients with cards, gifts, and appreciation parties.  I highly recommend TechTalent.

Jeff Baumann
Sr. Salesforce Project Manager at Zep Inc.

I am truly appreciative of Emma’s help with landing my last two positions. In particular she really came through for me recently while I was looking for my next career move. She brought her whole team together and made me her top priority. I really love the new career path I’m on now thanks to Emma & her team. They’re great.

Gina Nemchick
Mortgage Closer at HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

My experience with TechTalent was ​a great one from the start. From the first phone call, I knew that they had my best interest at heart and would do whatever they could to help me in my job search. They are very thorough, going through every step of the process and keeping you updated as new details emerge. Before each interview they spend as much time as you need, prepping you and helping you build your confidence. After each interview, they are there to listen and offer their own feedback. I have never worked with a staffing agency that seems to care as much as they do. Even after getting the position and starting to work, I received a card from everyone in the office, signed with congratulations and well wishes. It’s little things like that which stick with you and make a difference. I would without-a-doubt work with them again and recommend TechTalent to anyone in the industry who needs help with their job search.

Aaron Nealey
Solution Center Analyst at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Over the years, I’ve worked with many recruiters (on the interviewer and interviewee side) that have simply cared about numbers and placements to the detriment of the employer and the employee. Emma is a breath of fresh air due to her caring about making sure that a placement is a good fit for all parties involved.

Emma is without a doubt one of the most sincere and caring recruiter that I’ve ever had the pleasure with working with.

Wismy Seide
Business Application Support at HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

The process of searching for a new job is a tough one, but the people at TechTalent Squared helped me every step of the way. They were professional and courteous and made the process very simple. I am grateful for being recruited by Jessica Bramblett. With the help of her and Emma Dickerson, I was able to continue my career with a great company. I have had a great experience working with the people of TechTalent Squared.

Jeff Franklin
Senior Network Engineer at Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.

Emma is the Best! I have worked with recruiters over the years and I have to say she found the right position for me and the company I went to work for. She works hard to make sure that both parties are a fit for each other.

Brian Burns
Senior Business Solutions Architect at HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

I was fortunate to have been found by Emma Dickerson shortly after being impacted in a large scale, worldwide staffing reduction in Q417. Emma was very helpful and supportive during the entire interview and placement process. She provided regular, clear and concise instructions and feedback, and lobbied on my behalf.

For the first time in my career, I actually felt like a recruiter cared about my needs, rather than just rushing me into something for a quick commission.

She is truly top notch and I would recommend her not only from a candidate standpoint, but also as a resource for companies looking for talent. Thank you Emma.

Susan Mitchell
Inside Plumber Support at Rheem

Emma is a stellar example of what happens when you mix discipline, drive and a gift for working with people into one energetic and passionate person! Emma is business minded, savvy in the art of the deal and works tirelessly to bring her commitments to fruition. Though she constantly wears many hats to help her company thrive and grow, she will always make the time needed to assist her team and her candidates to become more successful personally and professionally. To work with Emma in any capacity is to have a rare experience to work with excellence in motion.

Briana Wucinski
Marketing Coordinator at HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

Emma and TechTalent Squared were tremendous in helping me to secure my new position. I trusted that Emma and her company had everyone’s best interest in mind throughout the entirety of the process. From one on one calls and follow-ups, I felt taken care of by my recruiter and Emma’s team. I hope to work with Emma again in the future once I look to grow my career further.

Ernie Heinrich
Customer Success Manager at Red Hat

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emma on two occasions over the last four years. Each time Emma was very helpful, professional and dedicated to help my career move forward in a positive way. Emma consistently brings great energy and passion to assist her clients.

Shellie D’Angelo Delaney
Business Systems Manager IT /RABQSA-Certified Lead Auditor

I highly recommend Emma as a headhunter/recruiter. I have had the opportunity to work with her and she is excellent at reading your skills and personality attributes and finding the perfect fit. She is thorough in communicating the needs of her clients to you as the Recruitee and setting expectations on both sides of the aisle. She is also perceptive at recognizing how past experiences which are not literally identical can still be applied to new positions with similar qualities. Emma is very results driven, which is apparent in her diligent preparation and screening abilities that help create the win-win in the end for all parties involved. Emma is hard-working and genuine. She takes the role of an honorable adviser – she listens, understands, and delivers a solution. It is not only her professionalism and business acumen that make her a great recruiter, but it is her passion and undeniable care to help others and see others succeed that shows what a truly good person she is, making her a viable resource both for the Client and the Recruitee.

Sharon McCall
Business Development at Trindent Consulting

I interacted with Emma well over two years ago while searching for a Business Development position. There are some people that you never forget; Emma is one of those people. She has a way of treating you as if you are very important in the scheme of things. You get the impression that Emma does not consider what she does as a ‘job’, but she feels as if she’s providing a service. That makes all of the difference in the world.

Greg Negelow

Emma is one of the best recruiters I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She does something very rare these days in that she gets to know you as a person first and gets to know your passions. She is then able to survey the job landscape and find a position that fits your skill set perfectly. Emma found me a job in one week and did so with a tenacity that I have rarely if ever experienced.

If you are looking for a great recruiter I would not hesitate to recommend her and her company. She is really top notch.

Jeffrey Sword
IT Business Analyst

Emma was awesome. She is very personable and is one of the few people out there that gets the HUMAN aspect of human resources. I would recommend her to anyone looking for recruiting services. I felt comfortable throughout the entire process and am thrilled at the end result from using her services.

Michelle Fain, PHR
HR Consultant at Deloitte

Emma was hired as an executive recruiter for our technology department. She produced excellent results, and her integrity and follow up are second to none. I highly recommend Emma.

Matt McGraw
Mobile Enterprise & Trade Show Sales/Account Management Professional

Over the last several years, I am still amazed at the sheer tenacity and competency in which Emma operates. She has the ability to juggle a myriad of clientele, all the while never losing sight of her individual customer’s needs. She has vital qualities that inspire her colleagues and contemporaries alike, to exceed her customer’s expectations. Her ability to utilize the latest innovations and industry insight is uncanny. She stands heads above the competition!

Oliver Daniel Banks
President / CEO at Management Services & Solutions, Inc. (MSS)

Emma is the person you want when you need something done. The ultimate closer! She was a great manager and led by example. She showed you how to recruit, close the deal and setup up the next open requisition. Emma is a great leader and I cherished the time I was able to learn under her leadership.

Todd Catron
Senior Applications Analyst at King and Spalding

Emma is someone I considered to be dedicated not only to her job but the people she is working to get employed. Her dedication to the client is not just about money. This was clearly shown to me after I was laid off at Locus Solutions. Emma was the recruiter that introduced me to the job. She immediately called me after the layoff and reassured me that she was going to find me another job ASAP and apologized for putting me in that situation. What recruiter does that? She did. I started interviewing that week and eventually found the dream job. I could not thank her more.

Megan Young
Project Manager at Gearbox Solutions

Emma provided incredible guidance and support on all sales/recruiting engagements. She consistently encouraged and motivated our team, while simultaneously leading by example through her outstanding performance as a full desk recruiter and Director. I would highly recommend Emma for any recruiting leadership role.

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