Retained Search Services That Get You A Good Fit the First Time

The wrong hire incurs substantial costs to your company and negatively impacts your team culture and morale. You can lose credibility and respect within your company. Your business could struggle to win in a competitive market.

The right hire fuels business growth and builds your team’s morale. Managers don’t have to spend their time on personnel issues. Instead, they can focus on becoming strong leaders that propel your company forward. Your revenue and profit increase. You look good to your coworkers and bosses. It’s a win-win that makes everyone happy.

At TechTalent Squared, it’s our job to make sure you get the right fit the first time.

Our Personal Approach Makes Us Different And Gets You A Great Candidate

Consider the transactional experience you get with agencies. You have someone placed at your company, however they are not the best fit. That leads to more stress, workplace inefficiency, and possibly parting ways much earlier than expected.

At TechTalent Squared, we let human relationships drive our approach. While most recruiters use email and LinkedIn, we meet in person or Video Meet as much as possible. It makes TechTalent Squared your long-term partner in success. It’s the main reason why many Fortune 500 hiring managers, including those at today’s hottest startups, choose TechTalent Squared.

Our team relies on values like integrity and humility. We take the time to get to know you, your company, and who makes a great fit in your company’s culture. We get an intimate understanding of all candidates and their personal strengths. With greater knowledge of your company and each candidate, the result is higher placement rates, and less wasted time and money.

95%+ Success rate on Customized and Exclusive Retained Search Services

To make it all happen, we limit the number of clients taken on at any given time. That means you get the time and attention you deserve. TechTalent Squared also leverages its expansive relationships and rigorous search process to your advantage. You get a candidate with the technical skills to do the job, a good personality fit with your existing team, and a relationship that lasts for the long-term.

We work with companies from across the entire nation. Call TechTalent Squared at 770-984-4252 to learn how you can get a good fit for your open positions today so you can become the market leader.

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